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Multicultural Arts Exchange produces and promotes unique cultural programs that unite artists of different genres and people of various cultural backgrounds. Our current base of operations in Greater Northeast Philadelphia that is severely undersaerved by high-end culture. We use local underutilized venus such as places of worship, museums, and restaurants. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that will make this area a cultural destination for both artists and spectators. We strive to foster community by promoting collaboration between multicutltural artists. We aspire to keep the arts alive through the connections and experiences our performers and audiences make together.

Upcoming Events

The Muses Speak

New event

EVENT: The Museum of Interesting Things

The Museum of Interesting Things is hosting a virtual dive into the history of sound! Specially curated for Multicultural Arts Exchange’s Marathon of Culture, the hour-long special starts at 7:30pm EST on Sat. April 10 and explores the history of musical inventions and communication devices.

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If you support our vision to make Northeast Philadelphia a great cultural destination, please, donate as much (or as little) as you can by clicking on the "Donate" button. Our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas will happily process your gift and you will be rewarded by a richer cultural experience right where you live!

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Multicultural Performances



Multicultural Arts Exchange singing and music presentations allow you to span the globe from your Philadelphia, PA area. Covering a wide variety of tradition through song. Multicultural Arts Exchange provides an authentic experience with professional singers and musicians. Through song, share with the entire family the beautiful cultural patchwork of the Philadelphia, PA area.

Singing Events


Dancing is a treasured means of expression and storytelling for thousands of cultures all across the globe. Multicultural Arts Exchange dancing productions use music, movement, and the art of professional dance to share these stories with communities in and around the Philadelphia, PA region. See the passion and the pride of global cultures shine through the magic of dance.

Dancing Events


Be inspired through the passion and emotion of spoken word when you attend Multicultural Arts Exchange global spoken performances. Telling the tales of life from all over the world, the entire family gains a new perspective, as the world around us seems just a little bit smaller. Performed by professional spoken word artists, each experience evokes a new emotion.

Musical Events


See the stories of the world performed before your very eyes with Multicultural Arts Exchange theater presentations. An authentic experience serving your community, you’re transported to another time and another part of the globe as you enjoy professional theater performances of tales both new and old. Keep the old favorites beloved from generation to generation.

Theater Events

We're here for you

Affordably travel the globe through the arts and culture that make us proud to tell our stories. With multicultural artists in all forms, there is always a new experience waiting to be had.

Why Guests Prefer Multicultural Arts



Multicultural Arts Exchange only works with professional artists and performers specializing in a variety of cultural arts. Each high-quality experience had is one steeped in imagination, wonder, and a yearning for more.


Truly Multicultural

Celebrating the multicultural nature of the area, Multicultural Arts Exchange strives to connect audience members with new friends while sharing in culture and stories from all around the globe.



There is no age limit to the performances held by Multicultural Arts Exchange. The entire family is welcome at any show, and the performances provide the perfect way to spark wonder and creativity in all ages.



Never has there been a more affordable way to gain a genuine cultural experience, and one so close to home. Event tickets fall into the $20-25 range, perfect for an inspirational and different sort of family night out.


Local and Consistent

Built in monthly series schedules, Multicultural Arts Exchange performances are kept consistent and close to home. Only utilizing local venues to promote our local community, a taste of global culture has never been more accessible.



Artists of all different genres of expression and performance are brought together to collaborate on new programs and provide new experiences at Multicultural Arts Exchange. The talent and depth of our performers are expressed in entirely different ways through their collaborative efforts.

Communities We Serve

Fan Favorite Venues


We choose venues that showcase the performance with light, sound, structure, and adornment. We hope that you enjoy each occasion for singular synergy with art and structure.


A shared experience with a community of performing arts lovers like ourselves, providing an opportunity to showcase the clothing of our heritage.


We want to connect our experience to people who have or have not heard the music and stories before. For many of us, this will be the first time we experience it in a space like this.

Past Events

Since its creation, in February of 2015, we have presented, produced or promoted 42 different events utilizing 12 distinctive venues in the Greater Philadelphia area. At least every year we are presenting several Philadelphia premiers of original programs ranging from Opera Puppet Theater to musical storytelling featuring professional folk musicians, violinists, gypsy guitar virtuoso, sopranos, and baritones.

We have also worked with several national promoters presenting Philadelphia legs of US tours featuring such accomplished international artists as Mikhail Kazinik, Zlata Razdolina, and David Gvinianidze.

We have also co-produced programs for young professionals, children, and retirees working with such well-known organizations as Mann Center for the Performing Arts and Philadelphia International Music Festival, and Groupmuse.

Please visit our Events page, Youtube Channel, and view our past events on Facebook.

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About Us

There is always a new experience to be had at Multicultural Arts Exchange, and always a new place to explore. Without requiring an airline ticket or a pricey vacation stay, experience culture and authenticity through professional performances stemming from all across the globe.

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Guests Have Said

  • “It has been a great pleasure to work with Multicultural Arts Exchange! I enjoyed the company of the organizers - Michael Zorich and his team. Thank you very much for sharing the gift of the brilliant music performance with people. Thanks to you it is affordable and amazing!”
    Vlad Pochepinski
  • "I was lucky to attend a concert in Northeast Philadelphia in a synagogue Shaare Shamayim to see 'Three Tenors' in their tribute to the legendary Maria Lanza. I personally got a great inspiration from an exclusive selection of favorite areas and popular Italian music as from beautiful academic singers. The audience was excited and did not want to leave the hall! Everyone, including myself, is so grateful to Michael Zorich, who organized such a special concert."
    Ella Lomazova
  • “Had a great time on Saturday 9/9 at the opera dinner at Melody Restaurant. Great people running MAE and fantastic singers with Opera on Tap. First time at Melody restaurant and I thought the food was GREAT!”
    Daniel Pantano
  • “I was with my family at the concert yesterday. We all had so much fun. Thanks to the organizers for a wonderful concert! The performance has surpassed all my expectations and left a lasting impression!”
    Natalia Glick
  • “Four of us enjoyed Justin Gonzalez's beautiful voice, his touching stories and great song selection. Even my husband, who only has place for rock in his soul, liked it a lot. Thank you for organizing the concert. Look forward to more events like that!”
    Paulina Korchagin
  • “The Multicultural Arts Exchange has been a great source of entertainment and uplifting good vibes since I've been stuck at home. I enjoyed their concerts when they were in person in the past, but online concerts have been stellar, easy to view, and even more affordable. On Sunday 7/26 I watched Alexander Boldachev: From Bach to Bohemian Rhapsody. The music was beautiful and I've never gotten to hear The Beatles on the harp before. Alexander's commentary was fascinating to hear. In the past couple of months, I also attended Music and Drinks with the Music Pilgrim Trio, and Father's Day Groupmuse: Violin Pieces from Films, Anime, and Classical Music! Both also featured great music and I got to participate in zoom calls with the performers! MAE really offers a WIDE range of music. Just this summer I've experienced classical music, jazz, anime music on the violin, and rock music on the harp. I really recommend checking out their concerts if you love music or are looking for a relaxing way to spend an evening and expand your musical palette. ”
    Laura Kincaid

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Support Our Community

If you are supporting our vision to make Northeast Philadelphia a great cultural destination, please, donate as much (or as little) as you can by clicking on the "Donate" button. Our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas will happily process your gift and you will be rewarded by a richer cultural experience right where you live!

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