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Explosive, emotional, riveting, and inspiring, travel the world through dance with Multicultural Arts Exchange. From classic Russian balletto Jewish folk dancing, and everything in-between, you’ll experience dance from all corners of the world without ever leaving the local area.

A multitude of different cultural dances performed by professionals from around the world, Multicultural Arts Exchange cultural performing arts exciteaudiences with our dancing series. Through the power of dance, tradition, history, culture, and stories are told in an expressive and invigorating way the entire family can affordably enjoy while remaining close to your Philadelphia home.

Russian Dance Performances, Multicultural Arts Exchange, Philadelphia,  PA Image

Russian Dance Performances

From the most famous of Russian ballet numbers to expressive folk dancing, experience Russia from the comfort of your local community with our Multicultural Arts Exchange Russian dance performances. Always affordable, the dancing performances are suited for all ages to enjoy, making for an inspiring day out for everyone in the family to remember.

Jewish Dance Performances, Multicultural Arts Exchange, Philadelphia,  PA Image

Jewish Dance Performances

Thousands of years of Jewish culture as told through dance can be experienced without straying far from home with our Multicultural Arts Exchange professional Jewish dancing performances. Every dancing presentation at every Philadelphia, PA venue is friendly for children and adults of all ages, providing the area with a new sort of affordable day out.

Asian Dancing Performances Multicultural Arts Exchange, Philadelphia,  PA Image

Asian Dance Performances

With a plethora of family-friendly performances, residents of the area are transported to Asia while never leaving their local Philadelphia, PA communities. Covering both the traditional and contemporary, Multicultural Arts Exchange hosted Asian concert performances are carried out by authentic professionals in their craft, as you’re able to affordably experience a true taste of Asian culture through the art of song.

Latin Dancing Performances Multicultural Arts Exchange, Philadelphia,  PA Image

Latin Dancing

Learn something new yourself or share your culture with new generations with Multicultural Arts Exchange Latin concert performances. Covering the new and modern, the historic and traditional, and everything in-between, you’re transported to a new place and time each time a professional Latin musician takes the stage. With culture through Latin music, prepareto be inspired.

Guests Have Said

  • “It has been a great pleasure to work with Multicultural Arts Exchange! I enjoyed the company of the organizers - Michael Zorich and his team. Thank you very much for sharing the gift of the brilliant music performance with people. Thanks to you it is affordable and amazing!”
    Vlad Pochepinski
  • "I was lucky to attend a concert in Northeast Philadelphia in a synagogue Shaare Shamayim to see 'Three Tenors' in their tribute to the legendary Maria Lanza. I personally got a great inspiration from an exclusive selection of favorite areas and popular Italian music as from beautiful academic singers. The audience was excited and did not want to leave the hall! Everyone, including myself, is so grateful to Michael Zorich, who organized such a special concert."
    Ella Lomazova
  • “Had a great time on Saturday 9/9 at the opera dinner at Melody Restaurant. Great people running MAE and fantastic singers with Opera on Tap. First time at Melody restaurant and I thought the food was GREAT!”
    Daniel Pantano
  • “I was with my family at the concert yesterday. We all had so much fun. Thanks to the organizers for a wonderful concert! The performance has surpassed all my expectations and left a lasting impression!”
    Natalia Glick
  • “Four of us enjoyed Justin Gonzalez's beautiful voice, his touching stories and great song selection. Even my husband, who only has place for rock in his soul, liked it a lot. Thank you for organizing the concert. Look forward to more events like that!”
    Paulina Korchagin

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